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A Country of Music

"A Country of Music" is a musical fairy tale starring an elf who takes us on a journey through the magical world of music. There are songs for  the instruments of the classical orchestra, the traditional Greek band, the brass band, the opera and the art of the conductor, composer and lyricist. But above all, the elf invites us to the joy of self-expression and musical creation. It is a smart educational tool, useful for all parents and teachers.

The music, lyrics, orchestration and production are by Christos I. Kladas.

Featuring: Marios Kapilidis (vocals), Alexandra Chronopoulou (vocals), Konstantinos Kariotis (vocals), Antigoni Painesi (vocals).

Mario Androver (clarinet), Kostas Vazouras (flute), Christos Kladas (saxophones), Marios Kapilidis (bassoon), Yannis Karagiannakis (trumpet and cornet), Pavlos Triantafyllidis (trombone), Petros Symeonidis (French horn), Makis Tsintilakis (violin), Leonidas Grigoropoulos (viola), Nikos Ionas (cello), Chrysostomos Boukalis (double bass), Dimitris Chiotis (lyre and lute), Costas Kladas (bouzouki), Dimitris Kapilidis (piano and accordion), Dimitris Korontzis (guitar), Vangelis Paraskevaidis (vibraphone), Alejandro Diaz (percussion) and Dimitris Klonis (drums).

Sound engineering, processing, mixing and mastering were done by Loizos Loizou in the composer's home studio. The work was illustrated by Alejandro Morales and published in book-CD form by Susaeta (2012).

The album is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon.
Press the following link and enjoy for free:



The magical

"She makes the fiddler a seal, the okra prima donna!
The donkey singer, the loud musician..."

The Sabadibidrophono is an ancient and magical instrument. No one has ever seen it. It has been lost for centuries... but two elves, Silasolfami and Vidas Katsavidas, are searching for it! ''The Magical  Sabadibidrophono'' is a unique musical geography, an adventurous journey through the musical traditions of the world. A musical fairy tale about the value of diversity and the beauty of multiculturalism.

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