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Saxophone – Clarinet – Music Theory – Improvisation – Arrangement – Composition


I love helping people find their way in the wonderful process of self-expression and awareness that is the art of music. Believing that the development of musicianship precedes technique, I have created my own holistic method of instrument teaching, accompanied by my own original teaching materials. Much of this is captured in my forthcoming educational book, Saxophone Method (A Holistic Approach to Instrument Teaching). There, I equally take care of the development of the student's technique, musicianship and theoretical thinking.

As a jazz musician, I specialize in teaching the art of improvisation. I teach different musical styles and approaches (Dixieland, Be-Bop, Fusion, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Latin, Rock, Pop, Ethnik), and not only to saxophonists. I have integrated methods for the development of the student's listening skills, sense of rhythm and musicality. I also prepare students to successfully pass the entrance exams of music schools and universities, both in Greece and abroad. Finally, a large part of my educational work concerns the teaching of ensembles, since I very much enjoy the collaborative aspect of music.

I reach out to people with learning difficulties or mental health issues and promote their inclusion and functionality in musical ensembles, which I have created and run for this very purpose. This also involved being the artistic director of the non-profit organization "EDRA" in the EU-supported Introspection Music Experience program, which aimed at the integration and self-expression of mental health service recipients.

I collaborate with the National Conservatory, Ilioupolis Municipal Brass Band (as Director) and the international certification organization ABRSM.


Ilioupolis Municipal Brass Band

Ilioupolis Municipal Brass Band is an amateur student ensemble that belongs to the Municipal Music Workshops of Ilioupolis. In 2017 Christos I Kladas becomes its director, undertaking its reconstitution and rejuvenation, and trying to create a modern band with a modern repertoire that intervenes dynamically in the street and helps shape the culture of the neighbourhood. In September 2019, he presents the original music-pedagogical event-concert In 2017, Christo took over as the conductor of the Ilioupolis Municipal Brass Band and subsequently presented the original music-pedagogical event-concert, ''Giant Steps: The Children Play Coltrane''., where 60 musicians parade through the city's streets playing compositions by the iconic African-American saxophonist.

Now performing in every national and religious fest celebrated by the Municipality, the band has become an integral part of Ilioupolis’ cultural life.

Listen to the Band by visiting


Saxophone Method 
A Holistic Approach to Instrument Teaching

Saxophone Method  ( A Holistic Approach to Instrument Teaching) by Christos I Kladas is an original and holistic approach to instrument teaching since alongside technique it teaches rhythmic and acoustic training, theory, morphology, history and improvisation. The reason and basis for writing the method is the author's belief that the development of musical skills and theoretical thinking precedes technique.

Beyond basic and specialized techniques, the method approaches both classical and modern saxophone, the European as well as the Afro-American tradition, while it even touches on Greek traditional music. The material is organized in the context of one-hour sessions in order to help the student connect theory with practice. It offers a multi-level course, which is rich in information, with original exercises that arouse the interest of both the student and teacher alike.

The method is presented at three levels: initial, intermediate, and advanced, together with audio files containing acoustic exercises and accompaniments.


Caution! It is not recommended as a method without a teacher, since music is too complex a subject to be approached without the help of a good teacher.

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